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Gravel  (PS4)
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Gravel  galerijaGravel  galerijaGravel  galerija

Gravel (PS4)

Založnik: Milestone
Povej prijateljem:
Cena:69,99 €
62,99 €
Prihranek: 7,00 € (-10%)
Razpoložljivost: Na zalogi

Naročite izdelek v naslednjih 12 urah in 41 minutah in ga boste prejeli v torek, 29. maja.
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Gravel is the only title in the market that includes the most extreme mix of off-road competitions ever seen in a game!

There is always competition, variety and entertainment the driver can experience through several different game modes for a never-ending fun!

Thanks to Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4, Gravel offers an incredible visual quality, with realistic and impressive lighting and particle effects!

  • KEY VARIETY OF OFF ROAD DISCIPLINES: Cross Country, Stadium Circuit, Speed Cross and Wild Rush that can be played with all types of vehicles.
  • GRAPHIC EVOLUTION: Incredible visual quality, with realistic and impressive lighting and particle effects.
  • GAMEPLAY AND FUN: Several different game modes (offline and multiplayer) for fun and challenging experiences.
  • CAREER: THE OFFROAD MASTERS: Through challenges and events, the skilled driver has to reach the FINAL LEAGUE and challenge the champion from the previous edition, attempting to be crowned as the new OFFROAD MASTER.
  • GRAVEL CHANNEL: A young, fresh and unconventional broadcast where the most talented drivers compete against everybody else.

1 Player
2-8 Network Players
(PlayStation Plus required)

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